Comment: Great article. But Doug has made a larger point.

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Great article. But Doug has made a larger point.

Doug Wead always comes through.
The charge that Ron Paul is a hypocrite for cashing his Social Security check is a contemptible distortion of the truth.
(This is similar to charges that he should not use earmarks to capture some of the federal money for his constituents.)

"In the first place, the money Ron Paul put into the social security fund over the years is HIS money. Just as the money you put into the account is your money." (And, I might add, the money that we have paid in income tax.)

And, as Doug points out, the money he is getting back has been diluted by inflation and is only a fraction of what he could have earned if he had been allowed to invest it for himself.

But the same defense for Ron Paul in this instance could also be used to answer charges of hypocrisy I have read here on the DP leveled at other libertarians.

A libertarian who accepts Medicaid, welfare checks, unemployment, or even farm subsidies is NOT necessarily doing anything wrong or even being a hypocrite. Given all of the money that has been stolen from most of us over the years, we have a right to every cent we can squeeze out of every government program we can and then some.

Even the young person who hasn't suffered years of legalized theft at the hands of government looters can claim to have been deprived of the opportunities of a thriving free market economy. They also suffer from the destruction of a robust private charity-based social safety net that could have existed except for the corrupt political system.

What DOES deprive such a person from the moral high ground however, is DEFENDING the current socialistic SYSTEM. Ron Paul acknowledges the injustice and has CONSISTENTLY worked to rectify it.

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