Comment: He's just trying to save his ass

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He's just trying to save his ass

Long before the MittWit started saying he would repeal ObamaCare if he got elected, the closest he came to that position was to say that it needed to be "replaced" with something else. What that was, he never really said, other than to imply that something more akin to what MA has would be better. Where he sees a difference is beyond me.

But the reason for his recent silence is obvious to me...if he speaks out against ObamaCare, Barry and his gang will run him through the ringer on it---RomneyCare was their model, what's good for MA isn't good for USA?, etc, etc. He thinks by condoning ObamaCare, it will cease being a campaign issue for either side, and thus, won't be brought up. I guess he truly is a MittWit. If he were to get the nomination, then he's going to have to finally make a stand, as any Presidential debate is sure to include this issue as a major focal point. Either he stands up against it and takes the barrage of endless, inescapable crap that Barry and the boys will surely throw at him, making him look like the biggest fool in the world, losing him the election. Or he caves and supports it, hoping to marginalize its importance so he can stick to the economic issues he wants people to believe he has the answers for. In the latter case, he will have disenfranchised every supporter he has, leaving them with no place to turn. (I'm sure that most Romney supporters are hardline GOPers who will not vote outside of party lines, unfortunately). Any fence-sitters leaning toward Romney will surely bail, once again losing him the election.

Now that he has been proclaimed the presumptive nominee, he figures he can run silent and deep on the issue, so as not to cause any unnecessary waves amongst GOPers before the convention. What we need to do is convince Romney delegates that the scenario above will play out one way or the other if he is nominated, and give them a reason to change their loyalty while still being able to vote their party. And obviously, this needs to be done before the convention. This development is ammo folks...LOAD UP!

The lesser of two evils is still an evil.