Comment: So what and it may just be your paranoia of hiding truth

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So what and it may just be your paranoia of hiding truth

no question is a stupid question or should be fear or should be of suspect. no questions should concern you as long as you have nothing to hide and are not afraid to deal with any dirt that comes up.

of paul's inner circle and some of their activities. that inner circle has already been revealed to be full of establishment folks like tate and olson, and those who have gone along with the dark by praising rand's high endorsement of romney.

one that another dp'er raised is why more money was raised when millions were already there and in addition, i ask when several tens of millions were raised previously, when santorum and newt and others ran a campaign with higher poll numbers with a fraction of those funds.

you stated again you are considered of 'implications' or 'bias'. first of all, it jsut may be your paranoia. regardless, questions can arise out of concerns - and that seems to be what you want to curtail.

so what if a person may have some potential answers, but asks a question to pinpoint the right answer. any such what you call 'guises' or 'biases' is perfectly normal, and clearly it means/implies that you want to cover certain info up and you fear certain questions will raise those answers/concerns.

no question is suspect!!!!!!!