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You can choose whatever word

You can choose whatever word you'd like to describe that relationship you have with your provider. I call it a partnership, you don't have to. Now here's the thing, if you want the provider to treat your ear infection you are asking them to provide you with a service. They have the right to treat you or refuse to treat you. They went to school to determine the difference between a regular ear infection vs a severe ear infection that may need IV antibiotics or need surgery for example. You are going to them for their expertise. If you could do it by yourself, more power to you but you don't have the right to tell the provider HOW to do their work. You only have the right to refuse and go to someone else. If you can come up with an agreement, then that's great. When you order a maid service to clean your house, if you don't like them, you can stop using them.

I personally didn't go to school, rack up all this debt to have other people tell me how to run my business and my practice. Just as I don't tell my patients how to run their lives and their health.