Comment: They need to get busy

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They need to get busy

They need to get busy dismantling virtually every memorial in Washington DC. That place is saturated with memorials dedicated to 'liberty lovers.' Did they not just build a memorial for WW2 vets and MLK Jr.? I guess they will cage everyone who celebrates the 4th of July tomorrow.

But seriously, what a joke. Its not humanly possible for them to round up everyone who is a fan of liberty. The fact is that most people are peaceful. The most peaceful and loving people that I know happen to love liberty the most.

Even if there is a spider(which I dont like)inside , I will move it outside so it can do its thing. What am I supposed to do to remain safe? Hide under my bed and become a recluse? Not celebrate the 4th? Sounds like infowars is scaring people into hiding under their beds again...which happens on a near daily basis.