Comment: This just blew my mind...

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This just blew my mind...

Look at how easy is is for large corporates to get large loans, bailouts, and the such. Look at the chain of money supply: The fed lends at close to 0, small local banks lend at much higher rates.

Look at the rich (not that i have anything against them): Their effective tax rate is always lower than that of a regular freelancer or employee.

I get a very sinister feeling when i think about Planned Parenthood, the fact that they get funding, and the fact that agenda 21 enunciates that world population should be 1B.

Look at how Wholesome milks got brought to its knees for selling un-approved locally produced foods. I wonder how the local farmers, and the whole "farmers market" trend will be impacted in the long run.

What other connections are you guys making?