Comment: I know what you mean! We've got a fascist doctor!

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I know what you mean! We've got a fascist doctor!

My 11 y.o. daughter is a Type 1 diabetic and has been seeing a pediatric endo. for about three years. The doctor is very young - and, well should we say "zealous" for doing things strictly by the book. She's always seemed a little heavy-handed to me - compared to our very laid-back, family doctor who practices alternative medicine.

Anyway, this last appt. with the endocrinologist was awful! My daughter's blood sugars had been a little on the high side since the previous visit and this woman starts "suggesting things" to my daughter as reasons for that. For example, here's just a few of the things she said, "_______, you seem a little depressed to me. Is that because you're homeschooled?" "Do you think if you were in the public school you would have better blood sugars?" "I really think you should see one of our counselors here at the clinic." Now, mind you - there was nothing wrong with my daughter other than a couple months of slightly above-average blood sugars! No signs of depression - nothing! So then, at the end of the appt., the doctor turned to me and said that she "insists" that I get counseling for my daughter. She actually said, "No, really - you don't have a choice. I want to hear by the next appointment that ________ has been seeing someone."

Well guess what?! No, she's not! She doesn't want to "see" anyone and she doesn't need to see anyone! We're taking our business back to our family doctor who works with many diabetic patients. I can't tell you how mad I was after that last appointment with the endo. - and I'm really feeling like this kind of stuff is coming down from the government.

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