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It is much worse than that.

As RPers should know, we have a global elite who buy off our government with money and power. Obama Care is just another landmark globalist piece of legislation, and has been passed for the purpose of control and part of the process of shutting down this country. Ultimately it fits in very well with their eugenics program. One other thing that it does is that it gets most everyone in the system, and accounted for. It will also be used to force deadly vaccines upon the population. As others have said, and I have recently seen happen, they will use this to force their deadly health care upon us by using our children as the reasoning. They do, and will, take our children if we don't comply.

This will also be used for the purpose of taking our wealth. Such things as real property and income through the IRS. If a person has a home paid off, and are low income, they will not qualify for government assistence, and will now have to pay for unaffordable health insurance, or pay the tax. If they do not pay the tax, they will be penalized severely. Eventually, they will start taking property.

Insurance companies wrote the legislation years before Obama took office. They needed a liberal in office to pass it, because the republicans don't have the political positioning to do such a thing. The false left/right paradigm is set up in such a way as to switch back and forth to get all of this devistating legislation passed. The non-partisan establishment in D.C has the same goals on both sides of the isle.

Bohner covers for Obama by no bringing thing to the floor for a vote. Now we have seen the "conservative" chief justice cover for the liberals. Effectively, we do not have three branches of government anymore. There is no ideological difference or real power struggles happening anymore.

The UN, IMF, CFR, etc. are the ones who push for these things to happen under a global scheme to shut down the industrialized world. Their ultimate goal is to preserve the resources for themselves, while killing off much of the global populations. Agenda 21 is part of their schemes. NAFTA and GATT were of the same agenda. All of our federal agencies are enforcing regulation that has the same end.

Global corporations do run the country, but at the top levels, they know that the system will collapse, and our country will go into a full blown fascist authoritarian system. Our currency will collapse, and we will be held down by the debt, while a new global currency is created to fund the police state and the new global military.

We are being shut down in such as way as to establish as much control as they can get before martial law is fully implemented. We have been in a state of emergency since 1933, and Obama just recently declared the continuation of it. We do not have a constitutional government, because we are in a perpetual state of emergency. They only pander to the constitution to keep the public from knowing what they are doing.