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You were in the middle of this comment when I deterred you to talk about SSNs. I have only replied below to one of your paragraphs as I just finished commenting on the other post but thought of this idea and wanted to give it to you before you finished the rest of this post, or if you are already finished tell me, and I will finish full reply later.

“My mother is near death and she wants to give part of her life's earnings to her grand daughter, a house say, and we as parents say, no, not now, our daughter is just out of High School ("learning" economics among other lies), and looking for work, or looking for a way to earn a good life (not steal one), and so we are reluctant to transfer that much power to our daughter in that way, we all agree, my mother, my wife, and myself, that our daughter has to learn to be independent, and we can be there if she needs us, when she needs us, so long as we can be there to help her when she truly needs us.”

Your mother sounds like a very generous lady. It is kind of her to think fondly of your daughter. I also took note in our other post that she was concerned about the young girl that used to work for her. In the Biblical sense, and I do not know if your mother knows Christ, so it may not apply, but some are given the gift of giving:
Romans 12:8 Or he that exhorteth , on exhortation: he that giveth , let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth , with diligence; he that sheweth mercy , with cheerfulness.

It may come natural for your mother to want to give as it comes natural for me to show mercy. That being said, I can understand your concern for too much power given to your daughter at a young age. This is the thought that came to mind. Perhaps it would be equitable and in accordance with your Product 1 scenario if your daughter was able to buy the house from herself interest free. That way she would be making payments and would be putting money into savings or another investment at the same time…could even be a Product 2 option? She would not be getting something for which she did not “sacrifice” to get in a sense and yet she would be blessed by your mother’s gift and would not have to pay 3x the amount for a house should she choose to buy one with a conventional loan. I don’t know if something like that could be set up. I know Asians that buy houses for their children and those families are responsible and productive, and the family money is not bleed into the hands of the money changers. Just my thoughts, and not to interfere with your personal family business, as you certainly know better than I for your family.

Here are some Proverbs about inheritance. I think they are well rounded with concerns addressed: