Comment: I just recently got almost completely prepared...

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I just recently got almost completely prepared...

With a year supply of food for 4 people 3 meals per day (25 year shelf life, just add water)
Water purification (26,000 gal)
Rain harvest slimline barrels (bpa free life time guarantee)
Fuel- 1 year supply (non-explosive, indefinite shelf life, organic material, each pellet burns for 4-5 hours, water proof packaging)
I didn't get their meat, yet, but it has a 15 year shelf life and they had veggies and fruit too)
These guys had solar generators and even complete solar systems and Earthships with available property. They didn't have this on their website but they talked to me and showed pictures of their "Ready Domes" that are 16' or 32' around. They said their large domes can produce enough produce to feed about 15-25 people per day and about 3lbs-8lbs of trout per day. All aquaponics.

If anyone wants to see where I got my stuff, they hooked me up with te best deal and the best product, that I could find.
Here's their number- 877-517-3239

Cool guys too.

Depending on monetary fraud (The Federal Reserve) for national prosperity or a reversal of our downward spiral is riskier than depending on the lottery.
Inflation has been used to pay for all wars and empires as far back as ancient Rome. And they all en