Comment: Did he ever stand up to Mitt Romney?

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Did he ever stand up to Mitt Romney?

Forget about Santorum. Ron Paul was winning Delegates, and winning States and actually gaining some ground at the time he jumped ship.

You're probably correct that Romney would've won anyway. But the point was to maximize the State Victories, the Delegates, and challenge Romney ever step of the way until the final votes had been cast at the Convention. But he didn't do that.

For him to pre-maturely (and unnecessarily) shut down the Campaign (as he was drawing 8000+ sized crowds), and announce that Romney "would win" -- as your own supporters are out there fighting hard for Delegates, and taking on personal risks and expenses -- is a total betrayal.

He should have stood and fought right until then end. He might have amassed 500 Delegates had he done this (now he'll probably end up with no more than 150). He would have then created a large voting block that was united in their opposition to the Establishment, and in their opposition to Romney himself. He would walk away with some power and influence.

But by quitting early, he killed-off his own message and movement. And the family name Paul is now more associated as an endorser of Romney, than any "Revolution" anymore.

You ask...what else can he do?

He should have simply stayed on-message, and campaigned hard directly against Mitt Romney right-up until the Convention itself, and maximize his victories, delegates, and happily and proudly place his name into nomination .. and let the numbers fall where they may.

Quitting was the last thing anyone expected this man would do.