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Here's What I'm Seeing So Far

Here are the stats for the first two days. I find them very encouraging:

YouTube - Over 50,000 views with 2085 Likes and 101 Dislikes. That's a win/loss ratio of 21 to 1.

Facebook - 517 fans in less than week. More are joining every hour.

Daily Paul - 346 Likes, ranking it in the Top 6 for the month.

Did everyone LOVE Elektable? Nope. However, based on these numbers, it appears to have been favorably received. I'm doing my best to read/review genuine constructive feedback and learn from it. This isn't my first nor last rodeo. I intend to make a real difference in the Liberty movement though creative contributions. This first effort was geared much more toward the youth movement. Others will target older audiences. I'm in it for Liberty to win out big-time. Here's hoping most here on a daily basis are too. On to my next project....