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Lady Liberty, Etc.

Appreciate your feedback. First, let me point out that this film was made for the under 30 crowd. It was for the youth movement. Its main goal was to point out the media bias against Dr. Paul in a positive, light-hearted way. I will be developing other, more serious films down the road that target an older audience. Those won't have a beautiful woman in a bikini proudly waving the America flag. As a side note, Bridget Erickson (the flag girl) is a huge Ron Paul fan, an Austrian Economics follower and has a degree in finance. She visits the Daily Paul often and is dialed into the movement. As it pertained to the younger crowd, having her portrayed in this fashion was a symbolic way to suggest that Liberty is beautiful.

As for having the content reviewed - duly noted. That being said, I want to be forthright in saying I repeatedly reached out to many individuals via e-mail, Facebook, YouTube, etc. in the Liberty/Daily Paul community - with little or no response. It was very discouraging for me and so I decided to go it alone in this initial effort.

As for the light-hearted credits at the end of the film, that's a subjective thing. Many have asked me why I didn't include more; a few have expressed that they weren't hip to them.

Finally, some numbers to consider. In the first two days of release, the film has:

Over 50,000 views on YouTube. Additionally, it has over 2,100 Likes and just 102 Dislikes. That's a 22 to 1 Win/Loss Ratio.

The Facebook page for the effort now has 520 fans, with more joining by the hour. By comparison, the Daily Paul's Facebook page has 22,998 fans and they've had a presence on Facebook for 3 1/2 years.

The Daily Paul presently has this thread at 348 Likes, ranking it as the 6th most popular topic this month.

What you need to be asking is: Was this a home run for the younger crowd? Based on the numbers above, the answer appears to be a resounding yes. They are inspired by the film because it spoke to them. As this was my intention, mission accomplished.

Most importantly though, this isn't my first rodeo, nor will it be my last. Future films will bear this out and I think some who have griped this go-around may have a different take when they see the additional ones that will be released down the road. I'd also like to add there has been an awful lot of trolling going on here by non-Liberty friendly individuals (many who magically became members of the Daily Paul in the last week).

Again, I appreciate your feedback and please know that I'm in this for Liberty to win big-time.

All the best,