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Comment: Lately I've begun

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Lately I've begun

Lately I've begun interrogating the interrogators and selling things to the salesmen and have found it to be a lot of fun with the possibility of furthering my agendas.

Example 1: I get a call from a company and the rep. is giving me their sales pitch. I wait calmly and then explain why I'm not interested in the product and then wait for their second attempt. At that point I attempt to sell something to them by giving my best sales pitch. Some days it it is my old sofa which I offer for sale for $100 and other days I do my best to spread the message of liberty.

Example 2: I get a call from somebody who wants to give me a survey. I answer each question and after answering each question I ask my own question to the questioner. An example question may be "What role do you believe our Federal Government should play with regard to health care and health insurance?". If they refuse to respond to my questions then I refuse to answer as well.

I figure those who try to invade my privacy should expect no less than to to be subjected to the same sort of personal treatment. In the end I may convert some people to the message of Dr. Paul or perhaps sell my old sofa that I've been trying to get rid of.