Comment: The problem with employer & gov paid health insurance

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The problem with employer & gov paid health insurance

When you buy a product or a service in the open market, you have some choices. You can shop and compare and make a decision as to what benefits your particular needs and budget. The providers of the product will compete for your business and the successful companies will win through the free market. With employer paid health insurance, or government provided health insurance the market is disrupted, the consumer has little or no choice. Ask yourself these questions. If your employer or government were providing your housing, your groceries, your car, your clothing, what would you be living in, what would you be having for dinner tonight, would you like the car provided or the clothing they picked out for you? Of course not! Because it's at the expense and the choice of the employer or government and not your choice, the products chosen for you would probably be as cheap and basic as possible and the companies providing the product would not be serving you, but be serving the purchaser of the product. Every person should be able to go into the market and buy an individual major medical policy that meets their individual needs. Just like you buy your homeowners, car and life insurance. Problem solved.