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You are exactly right

when you say it is a "courage" issue. Many people that are still asleep, stay asleep willfully. They most likely know that something is very wrong in this country but to learn of it, and learn the full extent of it and then not actively do something to change it reveals to themselves and to others their own lack of courage. They believe it is so much more safer and comfortable to live in denial of the truth.

It's kind of akin to people who will look the other way while a person is being mugged and beaten by a gang of thugs, and pretend they didn't see it. They saw it all right, but it was safer to pretend that they didn't and walk away then risk bringing injury upon themselves.

I think the best way to get to those people is to try to make them understand that they also are in imminent danger. The way things are going, there is no "safer" for any of us. Continuing to ignore what is happening in this country will ultimately lead to its' destruction and the destruction of all of us. The reality is; however, there are a certain number of people that you will never be able to reach and you just need to move on to someone that can be...