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Comment: Damn, I used to listen to Jack all the time...

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Damn, I used to listen to Jack all the time...

You know what they say, "give a snake enough time and he will poke his head out of the grass." Now I am not calling Jack a snake but I am saying that he has went way way way down in my book. What is it about these nit wits? Don't they understand that Ron Paul supporters are the most informed voters on the Planet?

Who have they thrown their voice to? It sure is not us, they are trying to reach their hand out to the Levin crowd. In short, they do not like us, they have never liked us but only tried to placate us so that their star would rise. Well good luck paddling back away from this turd Jack because you are in the pool with the rest of us and just because you had our respect for the things you said in the pass does not give you a right to start lying for your new friends.

You can never lose a friend that you didn't have and one thing these Globalist love to do is co-opt any liberty movement. It has happened throughout time so it's no different now. The only thing Jack was able to do by saying this is to lose me as a listener. I don't have time to spend on some dumb Charlatan. I can watch TV if I wanted to do that, well maybe not, I got rid of my TV a long time ago.