Comment: Women. Not too long ago.

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Women. Not too long ago.

Not too many generations ago women had NO choice except to have a child every year. That may have meant 10 or more children to be looked after and fed, while carrying another child in the womb. Barefoot and pregnant.

Now western women have a choice. Times have changed. I am very proud of having freedom and independence to do whatever I choose. I have two children, and raised them alone, as well as have two professional careers. I am proud of my strength and accomplishments.

I would not want to be a women in a third world country who has no choice except to be continually pregnant, and often watch their children die of starvation. They deserve to have a choice and to be empowered as western women are. I have no idea about the motives of Melinda Gates, or methods, but I would like to see my sisters in the world empowered as I am.