Comment: Hydra Hunting in the Great American North

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Hydra Hunting in the Great American North

Why do you guys insist on fighting issue-by-issue, when you know two issues will sprout for every one you destroy and that you have not "destroyed" one single conspiracy theory by this means (voting and lobbying or blogging and vlogging).

Making people aware "USED" to be thought the thing stopping action; but 911 is proof that people have personal hot button issues -- some fight this one others fight that one; everyone wants their issue to be #1 -- NOTHING gets done.

The Hydra has a root -- cut the root no more Hydra.

But part of the "joy" is the chicken-little-hysteria -- it is intoxicating and fuels an otherwise boring existence. Same rason why most people do not strive to get "deep" in meditation.