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"I would like to know from them why a man has an absolute right to privacy and freedom to do with his body what he chooses, but a woman does not."

Females should have the same rights as males, even when that female is still living in the womb. That means a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When there is a dilemma where one persons right to life conflicts with anothers right to the pursuit of happiness, involving doing things to their own body or property, then the rights in question need to be weighed. What is more important, ones right to life, or ones right to do things to their body which would happen to result in taking away someones right to life? What about property rights, should a company be allowed to start storing toxic waste improperly and do whatever they want on their land with it even if it affects other properties located in the center of them? What if they started storing toxic waste improperly on purpose specifically to kill off the people in the adjacent property? That's what abortion sounds like to me, a lot of liberal women are just like the toxic waste company that wants to kill off their neighbors because they feel inconvenienced by them somehow.