Comment: That you can't find anything is proof Libertarians are slackers

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That you can't find anything is proof Libertarians are slackers

How is smaller government, free market relative to healthcare supposed to gain traction if not being distributed as choice for Americans through competing legislation in Congress and to educate the public anyway?

I would disagree with anyone that people generally wouldn't buy or want health insurance. So, the question becomes what is the best way to allow a majority of Americans the option to get affordable healthcare through insurance? People argue that competition would bring down prices, but I would counter that competition would only work if there was regulation against corporations from merging and getting too big to corner the market. Even if you didn't have health insurance at all, there would eventually be the rise of a few big corporations that dominate everything else in a particular industry. How many small car manufacturing companies are there? And why is it that when I go to a dealership there is not a major price difference between new, comparable models? Same thing in the energy industry.

So therefore, one has to except that an old style, Libertarian version of healthcare would result in greater mortality and more people suffering from disease and disorder, etc - based on how wealth is distributed currently. Healthcare might not be such a problem if wealth distribution was such that a majority of Americans are wealthy - meaning having significant ability to increase savings relative to healthcare cost. Libertarians have to concentrate on the economy and promote small business to increase competition and maximize employment while decreasing taxes to the minimum possible. If successful and leading to increased wealth of a majority of Americans, then applying Libertarian version of healthcare - medical savings account promotion through tax deduction as example - would be more possible.

We are all socialists now - whether you like it or not. And I don't like it all.

I joined the Libertarian Party recently and I hope in the rest of my years I can get really involved and form think tanks in how socialism can be combated through practical Libertarian ideas that politicans can present in the form of legislation.