Comment: your thinking is naive.

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your thinking is naive.

politicians are not one-off in terms of their media publicity, ideas, or staff or other things.

justin amash and dennis kucinich are pretty much the only ones who have held their ground without getting into bed with estab like rand, demint, mike lee, and other libertarians.

so you can't live without establishment meddling into libertarians and you call this 'different factions potentialy working at cross-purposes?

yes, it is true - when you mix estab and libertarians as you suggest is ok, nothign good will come, unless the candidate comes clean and admits they have estab advisors, like rand paul.

no, you can't decide soley on ideas. ideas don't mean much in itself. you need to see solutions and accomplishments and the people they associate with as well as their advisors - the same way you do due diligence on a colleague or bus investment or the decision to buy a house, etc...