Comment: Freedom to believe differently from you

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Freedom to believe differently from you

I just want to jump in here to mention that some women who don't live in third world nations might CHOOSE to have large families. (By the same logic, some women living in third world nations might choose to have large families as well.)

I happen to be the mother of a large family by CHOICE. I was fortunate to grow up in a large family where I learned that my options for life were limited only by my own initiative and willingness to work. My parents couldn't afford to send my siblings to college, but we all went anyway, either on scholarships or working our way through. I have worked, finished a master's degree, and spent time living abroad in Asia and the Middle East. Now I am a full-time mother and it is the most challenging and personally rewarding thing I have ever tackled.

The problems with third world countries and poverty has more to do with corrupt government and international welfare than it does family size. (Just like our welfare system incentivizes continued poverty and corruption.)

Here is a Presidential candidate in Mali who grew up in a large family in poverty who says the same thing:

I respect the right of each of you to make your own decisions about your personal life, knowing that you will be the ones responsible for whatever the outcome might entail. Just remember that those of us who make different choices would like to be respected as well.