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Ever read about abe lincoln's duels

Lots of room for word play before everybody is quick dead or slilent, but if you are talking sheist (about me) I would have the right to challenge you to a duel, if your were not willing to back up your statements with your life, you can withdrawal them or lose your honor, I can't just shoot you. Why would you even suggest "stating something obvious = right to shoot" You are either tremendously ignorant, in which case , I suggest study, or you maliciously are trying to muddle an arguement you want to win but can't. That's cowardly. I'll challenge you to study how duels work, rather than insult your honor. What's your plea? You can admit your ignorance or claim I am insulting your honor, if I am insulting without cause, I can then apologize and claim I was mistaken, or show you to be ignorant, what do you want to do? See how this works? Nobody getting shot yet? The vast majority of duel challenges never came to shooting or stabbing, study up honorable sir.

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