Comment: You're asking me to be a lawyer or legislator?

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You're asking me to be a lawyer or legislator?


As of August 1st, 2012, all persons having attained the age of majority shall be free to contract for healthcare services, procedures, medicines, insurance, or any other products deemed healthcare-related by the person. Any statute, judgement, regulation, decree, finding, or prohibition that prevents a person from exercising freedom of choice in personal healthcare decisions is hereby null and void.

Or, if you don't like the all-at-one-time approach, you can painstakingly research every Federal regulation, every law, every judgement and specifically write laws to repeal each and every one. I wish good luck to anyone who thinks they can do that.

Do I think a single repeal/empowerment bill could pass into law? No, not in this Congress, and not with this President. Nor do I think lesser measures will be enacted. The key to positive change will be to change the People's thinking about healthcare, then to demand that change be carried out politically.

Won't happen today.