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You don't seem to know what we don't have though.

Don't worry, it was gone by the time of the great depression, so it's not like I'd expect you to fully appreciate our loss, but our forefathers created a Minarchy that does NOT resemble anything you see before you today.

The revolutionary war was fought over a single-digit tax increase and warrant-less searches of their homes... Things that we accept as normal today, not worth a stern conversation about even.

The America that was created from that in the 1770s had a government that by and large, stayed the heck out of the citizenry's life and didn't tax you for everything you could think of doing. It was a truly grand experiment that presidents up until JFK had to keep defending against the bankers, who fully won with his assassination.

Much of the damage was done in 1913 with the creation of the IRS and of course the Federal reserve bank. FDR did another huge chunk of it with his many socialistic programs, all of which have been proven financial disasters.

But most of the damage was done incrementally, a little tax here and a little regulation there, until this country became so corrupt and inept it's literally a farce to be shrugged off at best, and Hitler's wettest dream at worst.

Jefferson, Washington, and Franklin would again lead the revolution today against what we have, but this time with far more contempt than they had for the British!