Comment: No doubt RP2012 paid Hunter but...

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No doubt RP2012 paid Hunter but... was my understanding that his role for the campaign was "official blogger..."
I know Bilderberg is just a masochistic fantasy perpetrated by the 'fringe'(I can't believe Hunter would stoop so low as to use this particular adjective) element in the cause for liberty, but as one of those 'fringe' elements it's interesting to me that immediately following RP's lunch with Berstanke and the Bilderberg confab, the RP2012 campaign went into hibernation mode, Ron and Rand endorsed Cruz in TX (hint: a good barometer is this- if Hannity likes him, what does that say about Cruz?...or Rand for that matter), Rand prematurely comes out for Romney(really Rand, couldn't wait until after the convention?), and Hunter, who up to that point I liked, turned into some strange propagandizing quasi-neocon status quo apologist... way to go Jack. Way to create more 'conspiracy theory' by specifically alienating and demeaning we 'fringe' folks who have more than enough time for conjecture concerning the recent oddities in behavior amongst certain figureheads of the movement. Here's another theory Jack: I hear you like boy parts more than girl parts. Can anyone say "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil??"