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Focus must be maintained

RE: "By the late nineteenth century Lincoln’s bastardization of Jefferson’s language in the Declaration of Independence was employed to "justify" aggressive military imperialism in the name of spreading "equality" around the globe."

This is an actual admission that Trotsky & neo-cons are not needed for Americans to seek domination. If our trade unions knew that our USA domination is required to secure tariffs and afford subsidies (by forcing the world to accept our paper money as gold), they will be on board (as they are.)

FACT: American socialist parties and trade unions were the first to advocate entering World War I since they understood non-bid contracts and expansion of government during wartime. At the same time, communists (Lenin, Trotsky and others) were advocating against the war even as they were scorned upon as unpatriotic.

Church was pro WWI, just google "The Churchers and War 1917". With its elastic morality, it did not demand to stop the war in Iraq or stop secret prisons and torture.