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Can you add anyone to this list?

Texas: 7/31/12
Vote For:
[] Dale Brueggemann House Rep Dist 15
[] Jessica Bradshaw House Rep Dist 34
[] Steve Stockman House Rep Dist 36 (Sponsored Federal bill Megan's Law which Texas has tried to nullify (Ron Paul voted against it also) under state's rights because 95% of the funding goes to 5% of the problem, but he's good in most everything else)
[] Wes Riddle House Rep Dist 25

Texas: 11/6/12
[] David Simpson House Rep. Dist. 7
[] Sterling Russell House Rep. Dist. 15 (Libertarian)
[] Ed Kless Senate Dist. 8
[] Michael Cole House Rep. Dist. 36
[] Patrick Hisel House Rep. Dist. 28 (Libertarian
[] William Hayward House Rep Dist 28 (Republican)
[] Steve Mueller House Rep. Dist 9
[] Zach Grady House Rep Dist 14
[] Steve Susman House Rep Dist 22
[] Nick Tanner House Rep Dist 47