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Comment: Cabalistic incantations fail to stop IRS predation

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Cabalistic incantations fail to stop IRS predation

Larken has been through his own version of your uber-legalistic approach. He got 15 months in prison for his effort. I believe he's learned better. If you're curious about the story, he wrote a book about his experience, called Kicking the Dragon.

I am deeply suspicious of any purported legal argument that seems to show us a magical way to be free of tyrannical government, if only we discover the true Cabala, and follow its arcane rituals with precision. You think you've found a way to escape government jurisdiction over your life? Fine. Just try it out yourself -- in court -- before you recommend it to anyone else. As happened with Larken's Section 861 argument, the courts are perfectly happy to disregard, overrule or ignore any inconvenient legalistic glitch. Hell, they'll even claim that the Constitution is irrelevant, when it suits them.

A more profitable way to spend your time, in my opinion, would be to read Larken's more recent book, which does a much better job of exposing the REAL reasons why government gets away with perpetrating tyranny.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose