Comment: I read Jack's "Bilderbirther" post in its entirety.

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I read Jack's "Bilderbirther" post in its entirety.

But, I was only able to make it through the first two minutes of your video. If you had taken the time to read Jack's post, then, you would have seen too that Hunter does not consider people conspiracy theorists if they believe Bilderburg and the CFR exist. However, I can understand Jack going off like he did. I imagine he watched a few Alex Jones clips - probably the one where Jones interviewed that socialist who bashed Ron Paul and Austrian economics for a good twenty minutes, mostly on the basis that Ron Paul received a generous donation from Bild-a-burger member Peter Thiel, while Jonesie nodded in agreement and didn't defend Paul one time. While I think Jack is incredibly naive regarding the CFR and maybe Bilderburg too, we need to understand that these kind of elite, secret societies will ALWAYS exist. If we all spent a lot more time concentrating on what goes on in Congress instead of what goes on at expensive villas, resorts, and hotels, we would get a lot more done. Personally, with the exception of the Birther issue, which I whole heartedly support, I'm a lot more perturbed by Jack's acceptance of government-recognized homosexual marriage than I am his rejection of conspiracy theories.