Comment: Did you read the entire article?

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Did you read the entire article?

The one on his website is a redacted version. I emailed Jones about having Tarpley bash Austrian Economics. He quickly responded by having Lew Rockwell on to rebutt. We all emailed Jones saying that he was being played. Jones apologized for that. I could not watch Jones for a while personally. I am a shill for no one. Neither Alex nor Jack are perfect people. Neither am I. If Jack said that people who think a NWO are accepted in the 'group' I would of been okay. He has yet to define the line between 'kooky' and 'not kooky' is. Until then, he will keep taking pot shots at us while being amorphic in his thoughts about whether conspiracies are a legitimate discussion topic.

Unlike with Jack Hunter, Jones responded positively with the criticism rather than dig his heels in and insult us.

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