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Conscious Consumers can cut this root

We are anywhere from 75% to 100% (depending on how you do the math), 75-100% of their revenue stream.

All the "evil-they" -- all of their actions are in persuit of guarantees for themselves and constituents; those guarantees all come down to revenues.

The Consumer pays all taxes -- every single tax is a tax against the consumer -- so, by logical extension every single revenue comes from consumers as well.

The "real" liberty education comes from waking up the consumer.

How consumptive-verve is lacking and that corrupts the people at the top.

Until we see ourselves as consumers and not laborers, seniors, students, whites, blacks, reds, yellows, and browns; not as owners or producres; not as bankers or contractors -- when we can see that all of those "identifiers" are subsets of consumer, then all will see any theft against one group of consumers is a theft against all consumers.

In a free-society our relaitonship with the wealthy is very very very different.