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Comment: Style vs. Substance

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Style vs. Substance

As a "mature" member of the movement (middle aged) and a physician and a fairly careful and methodical guy I think I can add a viewpoint or perspective.

I have "pitched" the Liberty Movement to several of my Tea Party buddies effectively. Pulled in a lot of caucus votes from my Tea Party buds to become a delegate. I did notice a recurring theme however, several of the folks I pitched said "you are a lot more reasonable than the usual Ron Paul people I have talked to".

So maybe a lot of this discussion is more about Style than Substance.

I try to give the person I am talking to time to voice their opinion and never personally attack the person I am proselytizing. Usually I find that if I am quiet for a minute and listen to them, they have real concerns that things are "rigged" etc. which I guess is just another way of saying conspiracy.

I do try to emphasize the trail blazed by Dr. Paul such as the FED.

Areas where I am less confident of my knowledge or fairly sure I may encounter push back I usually go at by asking them something like:
"What are your thoughts on 911?

Posing the question in this way in my case is quite honest since I haven't studied the issue in detail, whereas I have studied the FED for 25 years and can easily present an in depth argument on that topic.

I have also decided as has Dr. Paul and I guess the majority of the liberty movement that the FED is the lynchpin of the whole mess we are in. Shutdown their funding and the Bilderbergers, CFR, TriLateral etc become a bunch of cranks meeting in somebodies garage.

If the person I am conversing with "shuts me down" I immediately back off, give them space and say something along the lines of "well you are certainly entitled to your opinion as we all are in a free nation".

So their final word with me is agreement and affirmation.

I have planted a seed and will be back to check on that seeds growth. I haven't "shut any doors".

Pushing on will likely cause offense, and when someone has let you know their stance, is actually a verbal act of aggression. I believe initiation of aggression is an important Libertarian "line" most of us carefully avoid crossing.

And then move on to the next one. I found that I could eventually "win over" 4 out of 5 people I personally knew with this technique.

I am a pretty passionate guy and definitely know how to "stir the pot" but I guess the years have taught me to try to be careful to funnel my passion and energy into techniques that yield results, ie successful converts. It basically boils down to successful execution. If you are right but don't win any converts to the cause, nothing will change.

Keep up the good work. Without you guys, your passion and energy, the movement would wither and die.