Comment: Structure of Scientific Revolutions

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Structure of Scientific Revolutions

was a book written in the 60's (Thomas Kuhn) that caused a lot of controversy then but I believe is still just as relevant today. The main thrust of the thesis is that science is practised as a belief system (he uses the watered down term "paradigm") rather than as truly scientific method. Instead of looking to expand the scope of science by searching for new phenomena science only experiments to measure what they all already theoretically agree on to an even higher degree of accuracy. The Higgs Boson experiment assumes the existence of the Boson in order to find it. The problem becomes separating discovering something that already existed or creating something out of the conditions of the experiment. Peer review system and funding methods ensure this approach to science will never change.

If the Big Bang Theory is wrong we will NEVER KNOW until somehow they accidently measure something that cannot be explained within the existing paradigm (i.e. a scientific revolution). The problem is we are not looking to find things that break the paradigm, only support it!