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I agree

I agree that the evil doers will do away with the Federal Reserve by 2013 in order to bring in a global currency. And while the charter expiring after 100 years might be a good reason I believe it's only half the story. What will really lead to the Feds demise is the FDIC and the bankruptcy of this country which is set to take place before the end of this year.

How do I know this? Many reasons but one of the most important ones is this one.

In the link you will see the FDIC offers UNLIMITED insurance until the end of this year when the UNLIMITED amount expires and goes back to the original 250,000 limit. The hundreds of trillions in derivatives are insured by FDIC along with everyone's money in the bank. Of course the FDIC doesn't have the money to pay these debts should there be a run on the banks before then and the banks close and go bankrupted because of it, which means the government will have to borrow this money from the FED to pay all this FDIC debt, leaving the taxpayer to pay the bill in the end. Of course this will make everyone's money almost worthless by the time they receive their FDIC insurance check.

And while the banks are closed and people are waiting for those FDIC insurance checks, they will have no access to cash other than what they stashed away under their mattresses, things like pay checks would be useless because no one would be able to cash them as the banks would be closed and broke, which will bring total chaos to this country and it's economy just like the evil doers planned all along.

I predict they will cause this run on the banks and the collapse of these same banks close to the end of the year, this way the big banks can take advantage of this UNLIMITED FDIC insurance before it expires, only to shut out anyone from taking advantage of this UNLIMITED coverage after the new year when a new currency will be offered in order to replace the one which is hyper inflating by this point due to the hundreds of trillions paid out by the FDIC.

So if you have ten thousand dollars in the bank today, and the bank closes and FDIC pays you later, it will be you who has to repay the debt the government owes for covering that ten thousand dollars. So you'll actually have to pay again for the money you saved and put into the bank today. Not only will you have to pay for your own money AGAIN but you'll also owe for all those hundreds of trillions in derivatives which the government allowed the FDIC to insure.

If that's not enough to scare the hell out of you then your obviously not looking at all the ramifications which will happen from all this. In my opinion the article like the one mentioned in the opening post is just setting up the public for what's coming in the future. And that future doesn't include the Federal Reserve or any of the major banks in the U.S.

How much news coverage did this UNLIMITED FDIC insurance get when it was passed, pretty much none, but then what do you expect from such an insane bill which has the power to collapse this country.