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There is some dissension regarding that

Some scientists state there's enough evidence for it to be called a theory. It's been one of the most extensively tested theories after all. And that it has been modified many times is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing. It clearly demonstrates why the field of science is different from religion, by employing new truths that have been discovered. But even extensive testing doesn't guarantee it to be true. It just makes it more likely.

As for the electric universe theory, it may be as you say that dogma interferes with researching it. Heck, even scientists are human. But humanity is not static, eventually this matter will be looked into as well. Science, even if crippled by dogma, is flexible at its core. It can be slowed down, but not stopped. If there's any truth in this theory, eventually, this truth will come out. Try having such an amount of progress with religion. Religion has been mostly static. Only science forced it to change some of its ways.

Also, this research is not only about the Big Bang theory. So it's not money wasted. It's also about the standard model like you just stated. Confirming the existence of ANY particle is worthwhile research.