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Disrespectful comments

Rule number one discusses the topic of disrespectful comments. I would like to request that the mods review a poster by the name of "Evil Warlord" (whom everyone recognizes as a divisive troll). Most of the time he is simply a pain and can be basically ignored.
However, he frequently makes extremely disrespectful and crude comments towards the Christian religion - even on non-religious topics/threads. Comments such as ....nailing noodles to a cross, referring to God as the spaghetti monster, and Jesus as a man with 12 arabs who ate him and drank his bodily fluids. These types of comments are far beyond discussing one's religious opinions and are deliberately insulting and baiting.
By the way....wasn't there a poster back in 2008-09 by the name of "akak" who also had a fancy for calling God "the flying spaghetti monster" (he was banned at one time for his crude comments towards other religions)...could this be the same person?