Comment: I don't know who first came

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I don't know who first came

I don't know who first came up with the ridiculous "God particle" label for the Higgs boson, but I agree with theists and atheists alike that that's about the most meaningless, bogus description for an elementary particle ever devised. The Higgs boson is important because it is the last particle predicted by the Standard Model to be found. In some way that I don't pretend to understand it is supposed to explain how certain other particles get their mass. The Higgs particle has nothing to do with proving the existence of God, disproving the existence of God, or substituting for God. It's just another particle, one that was hard to find because it is very massive and very short lived.

Verifying the existence of the Higgs particle is important basic science, I hope the European taxpayers feel they got their 10 billion euros worth. At least that's better than spending a hundred times that much on unnecessary war, which is what we Americans have done.