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Today on Yahoo's headlines it has a picture of a missle flying and has this ABC News headline "Iran: We Can Hit 35 US Bases in 'Minutes'". I know I'm preaching to the choir here but if we didn't have all those bases there, could Iran strike Americans in minutes?? Nope. The sad part is reading the commentary following the article much of it was about how we could kick their ass if they attempted it. Very few are thinking critically out there. People will see the news headline that indicates that there are 35 U.S. bases around Iran and not think twice about it, not probe as to what that could mean for U.S. national security, not think of the costs in money and lives, not think of the ramifications of such geopolitical positions.
"The preservation of Liberty depends upon the intellectual and moral character of the people." John Adams--Until we as a nation take seriously our responsibility to reign in the government, get informed, get educated and educate others, we have very little hope of preserving or I should say resurrecting liberty. The responses to the yahoo article are just one example. When will America wake up!