Comment: you need to equally "take over" 3rd parties by the same effort

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you need to equally "take over" 3rd parties by the same effort

it's just that much more like herding cats.. a bunch of dumb cats, at that. you think third party private funding won't carry their special monetary, financial incentives? just even that much more dispersed than establishment party money and much more effort to court. think the koch brothers.. cato is having a handful just sucking their d-ck the whole time to make them happy. you think 3rd party is all easy and people just pile big money into it for no reason? what about third party grassroots? instead of dealing with establishment hacks we would be dealing with self righteous, anti social freaks who didn't so far as leave establishment parties willingly, but more like they were rejects, kicked out. problem is with general american sentiment, whether we have their full support to the degree that they are willing to drop their nail polish for once and stop watching some hot guy on a reality tv show, not so far as to which political strategy we use. if you really want to say 'wrong strategy', to find a bogeyman, you make more sense to just say 'let's get out of politics'.