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Served cold from Iceland - You are completely wrong

"Currently Iceland is refusing to payback the money which was borrowed in Iceland's name and credit from the IMF"

This is completely untrue, Iceland has never refused repaying the IMF, in fact, the country is close to finishing repayment already.

It is the British and the Dutch Iceland refused to pay, namely the Icesave contract was refused in a national vote due to being extremely unfair towards Iceland.

If you believe Iceland is refusing to pay it's 'debts', you're making the same mistake many do and have fallen for British and Dutch propaganda, and yes, that is what it is, propaganda. Directly from BBC. That Iceland owes either country a penny has not yet been legally guaranteed, the matter is currently in court. The British and Dutch claims were complete repayment of accounts within Icesave, a British/Dutch business line operated by the 'Landsbankinn', a private Icelandic bank, which is far above what the Icelandic government is required legally to insure, if at all.

Iceland and the people of Iceland have no intentions of not paying our dues, however, we will not be manhandled into paying a ridiculous debt just because the Brits and the Dutch say so.

And since we're on that, if the British and Dutch would have acted sincerely and in a proper manner instead of economically attacking Iceland, freezing private Icelandic citizen owned business property in their countries and continually interrupting Icelandic government negotiations with the EU and IMF using their political influence, a payment above the legal requirement could have been discussed, but the British and Dutch have sealed any likelihood of that completely with their extremely hostile handling of the matter.

Hell the Brits even branded the entire nation as terrorists. How the hell would a larger nation, like Germany or the US answer that? They'd be on the verge of war.

With love,
an Icelandic citizen.