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How terrible, a state for it's citizens?

The Icelandic constitution was supposed to be updated 60 years ago.

That is pretty much what the guys who wrote it said. 'Check up on this in 15 years'. Wasn't done, shit's outdated.

I guess having rights as a citizen verified in the constitution is a terrible thing?

But then again, if you're from the US, I kinda understand where you're coming from. Here in Iceland we have abstract concepts like 'universal health care' and other nonsense the US still hasn't picked up on.

Due to our low population, 'crowd sourcing' the constitution isn't a terrible idea (not that those in the group will have the absolute final say on anything in it). If you tried a thing like that in any other nation with a population in the dozens of millions, rather than a measly 300k, it'd probably be a disaster.