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Not just the central banks

The entire system of government which includes hired thugs known as politicians.

Central banks and money are just a tool to maintain power and suck wealth from the people's pockets.

It would be nice with a president who would carry out what Dr. Paul's been saying for years. But it's not gonna happen. You cannot change a rotten system from wihtin. The system is rotten to the core in every country.

Gotta come up with a new system of government and trash the old one. Easiest way to do that is through a global general strike. Peaceful. It would take just a couple of months to bring the current system to its knees. That goes for every country.

We can decide online which system we can all agree on (but i have a suggestion = which is how the US was intended to be before it was hijacked) - then prepare yourself with basic stuff needed for a 3 month survival and go on strike. No fighting. Meet you in the bar once mission is accomplished :o)