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Comment: Could You Imagine?

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Could You Imagine?

Could you imagine how American's would react to Russia establishing 35 bases on our US borders and off of our coast lines? It would never happen, we value our security too much!

Let's not forget the Cuban missle crisis, we put US lives on the line inorder to make sure that didn't become a reality!

Could you imagine us being such a weak nation that we didn't have the power to stop them from building these bases surrounding us. I imagine we would probably puff up our muscles every now and then and shake our fist at the russians too, with whatever we felt we had inorder to keep them at bay.

As far as Israel is concerned, it would be like Russia having a small country down in South America they look to with great religious significance, a country that looked to Russia to be there great protector. And as an added threat we would point out just how easily we could distroy them with our missles also. Truth be known, just by having the threat of these missles may be the only thing that would stand between us and our total annihilation.

The truth of the matter is this, if Iran was any kind of threat at all, it would have stood up and fought when the US began building these bases in the beginning, and the fact they haven't just goes to proof they are no real threat to the US! The only people over there stiring trouble in the region is the United States Government themselves, and it only serves the purpose of backing the wimpy kid into a corner, and we all know what options the wimp has at that point.....Lay down and cry, or fight with everything he has!!!!

Could You Imagine What You Would Do?