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If Ron Paul does not get the nomination

Of course RON PAUL is MY choice; However, if that is not possible, then I have to think about what is best for the Ron Paul Republicans REPUBLICANS, because THEY are the future, and I must empower them, and support them, and I can do that better with (puke) Romney than (barf) Obama.

Obama does not have any such Ron Paul Republicans, he has Hillary Democrats. Poor Romney would have to deal with Ron Paul Republicans, which would be like facing dozens of Ron Paul's constantly replacing the issues with Ron Paul's, replacing Neocons with Ron Paul's. If Romney won, the central committee seats would fill immediately, everyone wanting all that power, and what if my central committee suddenly had 15 Ron Paul committee members? How far do you think a president Romney would get? We would be his wall, like a tsunami. Obama doesn't have a Ron Paul Republican wall.. Obama doesn't have committee members, Hillary does, and why his presidency is more like Bush, for she is undermining him by having HER agenda fullfilled, making him look like a lying sack of dog doo doo, while Biden gets a free ride.