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Shazad, your analysis is, as usual, thoughtful and persuasive. I do think that, if Oklahoma is needed for Dr. Paul's 5th state (in other words, if we lose Nebraska, and if Colorado and Nevada don't work out), some accommodation will be reached so that we wind up with a plurality there. The solution might be to discredential both the "inside" and "parking lot" delegations, for that would leave us controlling 9 of the 15 delegates chosen at the CD level if Santorum and Gingrich release their delegates (and I think that Gov. Romney has sufficient leverage over them to make it happen).

Gov. Romney knows that it will be difficult to prevail over President Obama in November without significant Liberty Movement support. He is also aware (because he is an intelligent and perceptive man) that it is important to us that our delegates be allowed to vote for Dr. Paul, and to hear him speak to us in his own words, in Tampa. Rand Paul's endorsement did not happen in a vacuum; rather, it indicates that the two campaigns have been discussing the 2012 endgame, and that "understandings" have been reached. If Dr. Paul is one state short going into Tampa (and I am already putting Louisiana in our column), Gov. Romney will use his influence to extend an olive branch in the form of the 5th state.

Speaking for myself, I would see this olive branch as a gracious, classy move that would make me more inclined to support Gov. Romney in November, especially when combined with a prominent, uncensored speech for Dr. Paul (which will happen) and a VP selection of Rand Paul (which might happen). I suspect that many Liberty movement supporters would feel likewise, and I think that capturing the bulk of our support for November is a major strategic goal of the Romney campaign.

I agree with you, ecard71, that Gov. Romney will effectively control the Credentials and Rules Committees in Tampa. However, as I discuss above, the interpretation that "favors Romney" is, from Romney's point of view, the one that allows us to place Dr. Paul's name into nomination.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand