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Give it a rest already.Romney and the RNC have been cheating all over the place since this thing began.there was never a chance for Ron Paul to win.There's to much money,and to much power on the other side.We don't have the money,nor do we have the power.Ron Paul had 5 states a long time ago and you know it.yet she's saying he only has 4.they've been blocking all the delegates he already has for several weeks now.Wheres Lawyers For Ron Paul? i haven't heard a thing from them.Do you really think there's a judge in this country who will hear that case before the convention? not if they want to keep breathing.and to top it off,Ron Paul has shown once again in 2012,just as he did 2008,that he ain't gonna fight them because he ain't got the guts.his campaign even told us not to fight them some time ago.We don't have the power,we don't have the money,and we don't have the fear factor.they do,and they ain't ashamed to use it.Hell,you don't even see the so-called tough guys like Alex Jones,and Jesse Ventura who like to stick their chest out and say they fear nothing,running for office.They're just like Ron Paul,all talk and no show.In it to win it my butt.If Ron Paul ain't on the ballot in November,i don't vote for anybody.I would suggest the rest of the country do the's the only way to stop them.But then,that won't happen either because people are too stupid.

Some see things as they are and say why,but i dream things that never were and say why not. Robert F. Kennedy