Comment: BIS = Central to Central Bank$.

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BIS = Central to Central Bank$.

The Bank for International Settlements is located in Basel, Switzerland, call it the $wi$$ Pivot, around which there is so much circulation, the revolutions, changes & wars.

They = who give continuity to the $y$tem. Govts may come and go, people are in & out of office, when their term expires they are gone.
At the apex of the larger pyramid, as printed on the one dollar note, there is a small triangle, call it the eye, or trinity. 3 jokers/yokers watch over it.
1- the oldest one is the church, including the papacy with its many branches, cardinals & bishops. They claim to be the keepers of the word, the vice-regents. these impostors cover all the sins of demons, on payment of-course. The Calvinists are in the inner circle who provide 'rationalism'.
2- the british and european monarchies & the aristocrats, specially those who claim the blood-line, related to Jeru'Salem, as touted in the fictional movie - "The Da vinci Code".
3- RothsChilde & partners, cousins et'all. Banks with many subsidiaries, controlling the money supply in the world.

Switzerland is the center, like a pivot, quite static, other countries evolve, revolve, turn upside down, have revolutions, face war and destruction, etc. Watch it carefully.