Comment: I know nothing about central committees

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I know nothing about central committees

When Ron Paul encouraged us to get a CC seat, I had no idea what he was talking about.

Come to find out, these committees do have A LOT of power in local elections in putting candidates and issues on our ballots. They are who VETS the delegates, issues, and candidates.

Ron and Rand are both connected to central committees as they have an elected office.

I don't know how "optimistic" I am, in that I do believe MSM has far more power, and too many are under it's influence, rather than doing what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do.

He gave us a plan, and too many are not willing to follow.

Hillary, is controlling the Democratic Central committees and is WHY Obama has become a liar. If Ron Paul Republicans were seated, we would make Romney a "liar" by forcing OUR issues and candidates onto him.

That is why Rand "endorsed" Romney. We don't have the seats.